User seminar June 12, 2009

A user seminar was held on June 12, 2009 at LMC (Center for Drug Informatics) at SLL (Stockholm City Council). The main aim of the seminar was to discuss principles for ranking search hits. Unfortunately we did not manage to get more than one working doctor to attend. Daniel Rodríguez lead the seminar.


Name Role/function Comment
Daniel Rodríguez Project manager, Seibo.
Paul Cohen Seibo.
Michael Öberg IT advisor to Lars Gustavsson, Öberg Consulting.
Professor Dr. Lars Gustavsson Project customer. KI (Karolinska Institutet, University hospital).
Sara Hermodsson Developer LMC, SLL.
Dr. Theodor Schnieke (Geriatrics) Head of system maintenance of e-Services at LMC, SLL.
Dr. Katarina Anrup (Internal Medicine) Practicing doctor, Intern Medicin, SÖS (large regional hospital), SLL.
Magnus Grevén Engineer. Project manager e-SPC at EMEA, part employed at KI.

Agenda & notes

1. Introduction to the problem domain and the Drugle project.

2. Demonstration of Drugle. Everyone very impressed. Sara and Theodor see connection points to LMC e-Services. Lars very satisfied with the project. A short discussion on current, as well as future, source data for Drugle. Some issues that came up:

  • Is it possible to do refined searches, ie. search with in a search hit list?
  • It would be nice with visual hints for indicating type of search hit.
  • How can Drugle make use of treatment interactions, treatment programmes and medical health record information?
  • Lars made a point of the fact that many undesirable side effects depend on the dosage.
  • Data sources: SPC, "Kloka listan", SPHINX, Drugbank, SIL(?), NPL(?), Varuregistret(?), Sjukvårdsrådgivningen(?).

The conclusion for the first iteration of Drugle was:

  • Focus on SPC and "Kloka listan".

  • Demonstrate the possibility of different search hit ranking schemes for doctors and patients.

3. Discussion on search hit ranking principles. We discussed the following categories: doctor, patient, researcher and student. A decent discussion where Katarina had a number of interesting comments. The most concrete result of the discussion was a first attempt at establishing a search hit ranking scheme for doctors and patients. See the section on ranking of search hits below.

4. Discussion with Magnus Grevén about the EMEA e-SPC project and possibilities of cooperation. Magnus was very impressed with Drugle and is not so impressed with the beurocracy of EMEA. He would very much like to find a way for involving Seibo/Drugle? in his EMEA work.

Ranking of search hits

Below is a suggestion for search hit ranking for a Doctor of Internal Medicin. Based on the suggestions from katarina.

In English the list above translates to:

1. Symptoms - Indications

2. Reccommended drugs. "Kloka listan" is a short list of reccommended drugs published by SLL.

3. Healthcare programme. Each hospital usually has a set of guidelines or reccomendations for various cases or areas of medicine.

4. Drug guidelines from Socialstyrelsen which is the national administration for healthcare.

5. Reccommendations for dosage (especially children).

6. Interactions.

Below are the whiteboard notes when discussing search hit ranking for a patient or normal user.

However my (Paul Cohens!) notes differ from that list:

1. Indications & undesirable effects.

2. Instructions for use and ? (Swedish: Förhållningsregler).

3. Treatment.

4. Drug information.

As a side note patients may also be interested in "Kloka listan" (see above).