Sources and Data


LMV = Läkemedelsverket, the swedish medical drugs regulatory authority.


NPL = Nationell läkemedelsProduktList, the register of medical drug products in Sweden.

Root directory: /var/lib/drugle/data/npl

script description examples Loads the latest database från the URL
Process the data with the module drugle.npl and version handle in subversion.


Root directory: /var/lib/drugle/sources/lmv

script description notes
010_lv_spc_py For each nplid in the NPL database SPC documents are downloaded from the site of Läkemedelsveket
with the url template:" + nplid
A log is generated for these SPCs that are in the EMA site.
Each SPC file is indexed in Drugle. For each nplid in the NPL database, a "product card" is generated and it is indexed in Drugle for retrieval

Undesirable Effects/Biverkningar

From here and on, the documentation is in swedish.