Command line utilities


Generates indexing information on single files, languages, document types, sources or the whole database. Certain options can be given in order to do additional processing.


drugle_index [options][-s <source> [-d <doc-type> [-l language[-f <file_name>]]]]

If neither -f, -l, -d or -s are given, the whole database is indexed.

-f <file-name> The file name of the file to be indexed. The file is searched in the default installation in the relative path sources/<source>/<doc-type>/index/<language>/<file-name>.py

-l <language> The language of the document. if -f is not present the indexing is done on all the documents in sources/<source>/<doc-type>/index/<language>

-d <doc-type> The document type (spc, ...) if -f and -l are not present the indexing is done on all documents under sources/<source>/<doc-type>/index

-s <source> The source (emea, lmc, mhra, ...) if -f, -l and -d are not present, all documents in the sources/<source> are indexed


-h usage information

-p <path-prefix> Change default installation to <path-prefix>

-t Generate the list of all indexed terms on data/ and the corresponding database data/terms.gdbm

-v Verbose

-V Version information