Drugle provides web services via a HTTP-based REST API.

The DrugleAPI consists of two variants: simple one and the complete one. The simple API returns HTML pages and is aimed to present directly the results as browsable pages. The complete API is more a generic one and offers a much richer set of services aimed to build complex applications with it.


DrugleAPI is all about searching drugs from certain terms as input in a given context. We shall discuss here some essential concepts i this area.

Concept Description
search termsThose are the words that the user put in the search field. The hits of the search are found among those sections of texts that contains all those terms.
context parametersContext parameters are other external parameters that may affect the presentation of results. Among these are:
- language: English, Swedish, etc
- information aspect: Ineractions, indication, adverse effects, etc
- medical specialty: Pediatry, Diabetes, etc
- actor: Doctor, Nurse, Patient, Relative
documentsDocuments are the entities referenced by an uri in the web. Drugle handle only documents of mime-types which are convertible totally or partially to text.
Drugle assigns an intern uri to each document. Each document has also an URI poining to the original document location. This URI is saved by Drugle too.
information aspectseg: Interaction, composition, indication, pharmacological properties, adverse effects, etc
sectionsSections are document parts. These are documents parts describing certain aspect of the knowledge about a drug, its use or effect. Drugle extracts sections according to some known interesting aspects.
Each section is identifiable by the document it belongs to and an id unique in the document.
hitsHits are the objects of the search. Drugle matches the search terms in
pagesThe result of a a search is a of list of hits. These are grouped in pages.

Simple API

Service Description
searchThe basic service of Drugle. Arbitrary terms are accepted as input. Some context parameters as language, information aspect, medicine area, etc, can be selected. The result of the search are paged lists of hits sorted after smart relevance criteria.The pages of the result are represented in HTML.
terms_historyHistorical terms having been used in searchs matching a giving combination of terms. This service is used to facilitate the input of terms in the search. Drugle stores
documentDocuments may be retrieved by means of the Drugle URI of it.
sectionEach section of text may be got from Drugle given the URI of the document concatened with the id of the section.

Complete API